At Cubii, we envision seamlessly integrating exercise into people’s daily lives. Our first product is a smart under-desk elliptical that allows users to keep moving while they sit for prolonged periods of time. 
According to Forbes, there are more than 85 million jobs in the United States alone that primarily involve sitting. As highlighted by a recent article, nearly half of them are gaining weight at their current job. Prolonged hours of inactivity in the workplace are known to result in numerous health problems such as obesity, diabetes and other cardiovascular issues. An hour of going to the gym or running is not enough to keep you healthy if you spend 6+ hours daily sitting sedentary. Cubii addresses these issues by allowing users to get some basic exercise while they work, hence keeping their heart rate at a healthy level and maintaining a healthy blood circulation.

Since our launch, we have also seen many users who are using their Cubii outside the office. They are using it at home while they work, giving it to their parents who use it on their couch while they watch television or knit, using it to recover from a marathon, and even buying it for students in their classrooms at elementary schools. We’re looking forward to exploring all the parallel markets for Cubii that go beyond the workplace.

About The Product

With the increasing popularity of fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone, people around the world are understanding the value of keeping on the move throughout the day. They now track all metrics related to their health, from calories burned to sleep quality. Cubii goes one step further. With its 8 different levels of resistance, Cubii helps provide an actual source of exercise that integrates easily into their daily routines and helps them be more active. Through a mobile app that connects with Cubii, it also allows them to track their workout, see progress, and compete with users around the globe. And of course, Cubii now connects with the Fitbit so every stride can count towards users' daily steps goals.