I've had my Cubii for 5 months, I'm a very heavy user, working four, ten hour work days a week, I've gone from burning 500 calories a day to 1500. With as much use as I've put it through,about 387 hours and 600 miles traveled on it currently, which I imagine is much higher than expectation, the machine has held up very well. The app has gone through a few revisions over the months too, each one has brought more ingratiation with other apps, better stability of the app itself. Their customer outreach group is also very responsive. I can see some improvements made on future generations of this, but this machine has exceeded all my exceptions so far.
For desk jockeys like me, the Cubii is a smart device that makes smart sense. It lets you burn calories without burning through your free time.
I purchased my Cubii through their direct site several weeks ago and I could not be happier. Everyone at work is talking about it and trying it out. Such a great investment in personal fitness equipment!
I'm a runner so already get a good amount of exercise, but love being able to get a little more during office hours. Using the Cubii has also improved my work posture because it's easiest to use when you engage your abs to sit up straight. The Cubii was easy to set up and operates silently which is essential in my open workspace.
Though it's great in my home office, it's even better to have at work - mainly because I spend more time there but also because of how well it fits under my desk. It's also quiet, which allows you to pedal away without disturbing your coworkers.
The elliptical is much more ergonomic than other under-desk peddlers or bikes making for a more comfortable “ride”, and it’s super quiet so your coworkers will never know you’re exercising. The motion feels exactly like your typical elliptical – very smooth, and easy on the knee joints.