Press coverage

"Cubii is an under-desk elliptical trainer, that does not require any change to existing furniture, which allows office dwellers to stay active while they sit at their desks. - Neil Kane"
"They first funded Cubii on Kickstarter, raising $300,000 and selling 3,000 units. They just closed their second round of funding, raising $650,000. They say they expect to sell 15,000 units this year. - Diana Olick"
"I sit at my desk and write posts all day for my job. My fingers get a lot of exercise, but not the rest of me. That’s why I’m looking forward to using Cubii, an elliptical trainer that fits under your desk and lets you exercise while you’re sitting down. - Dean Takahashi"
"Cubii, an under-desk elliptical, which allows you to work and workout at the same time, while a companion app tracks your activity. The key is its ultralow profile and narrow range of motion. - Seth Porges"
"Between meetings, random moments when I couldn't be at my desk, and the times when I really just didn't feel motivated to keep pedaling full-time, my daily average on the machine hovers right around 150 calories/70 minutes. - Lauren Hubbard"
"He tried to get a treadmill desk or a standing desk, but it was too expensive and seemed to be a very involved process, he says. So, he developed Cubii. - Allie Caren"
"Cubii is a compact under-desk elliptical that uniquely offers a set of features that may make it the best exercise machine for work currently on the market. - Christina Desmarais"
"The Cubii isn’t the first device to market itself as the answer to your 60-hour workweek woes, but it does seem to be the most souped up, promising virtual silence with a guarantee that your knees will never slam into the underside of your desk while you both pedal feverishly and answer emails. - Christine Nguyen and Calt Munro"
"The ergonomics of the machine differ from other under desk ellipticals because the motion keeps your knees from hitting the underside of your desk. It’s also virtually silent, making a very quiet white noise sound that won’t bother your coworkers. - Devon Kelley"
"The Chicago startup — which named its $347 device the Cubii — launched its Kickstarter campaign in 2014. It raised $293,712 from 1,070 backers. That meant a long list of names eagerly awaiting their product. - Meg Graham"
"The machine was also quiet. And while it would be hard not to notice that I was doing something under my desk, unless you find yourself panting for breath, the near-silent machine is unlikely to disturb office mates. - Seth Porges"
"Cubii is a sitting exerciser that’s been designed to fit under an office desk so those who are stuck in their office chairs can push its pedals while they work and get some exercise, rather than being entirely sedentary. - Natasha Lomas"
"Investors include Healthbox, the health care accelerator in Fulton Market where Cubii is based; Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871 and a longtime startup investor; Jai Shekhawat, founder and former CEO of Fieldglass; and David Appel and Joel Appel, former top executives of Orange Glo International. - John Pletz"
"I'm featuring a remarkable new take on exercising while you're sitting at your desk. From three recent college grads, their Cubii under-desk elliptical trainer is something to see. - Maxwell Ryan CEO"
"Shivani Jain and two of her former University of Chicago class of 2013 classmates have been moonlighting on their startup Fitness Cubed LLC while they work corporate jobs. - Kate McArthur"
"Want to work out at the office? Good news -- you don't even have to leave your desk. This is the first no-sound elliptical we've seen, and it's also the most tech savvy. You can track your burned calories on your phone and even compete with your co-workers. - Tehrene Firman"
"If you find yourself sitting way too much during the day, the Cubii can help you sneak some fitness in. - Caroline Morse"