Cubii, the Smart Under-Desk Elliptical, Now Allows Users to Sync to Fitbit; Proprietary Algorithm Converts Cubii Strides to Steps

September 07, 2016 23:15
Cubii, the Smart Under-Desk Elliptical, Now Allows Users to Sync to Fitbit; Proprietary Algorithm Converts Cubii Strides to Steps 
Cubii Users Reach Milestone - Travel the Earth Twice while Sitting at their Desks

CHICAGO - Cubii, the world’s first smart under-desk elliptical machine, today announced its ability to sync with the Fitbit app. The new feature not only allows its users to track and record their activity and calories burned, but also the number of steps they have taken while using Cubii under their desks. Utilizing a proprietary formula, Cubii is able to convert under-desk strides to steps, offering Fitbit users a more comprehensive view of their daily health and activity goals.

Cubii’s under-desk elliptical device and the Cubii app, available on iOS and Android, connect digitally via Bluetooth to update users on their daily workouts with distance traveled, strides taken, time elapsed and calories burned. Cubii mobile app users are prompted to connect and sync to the Fitbit app once they sign in. 

“An overwhelming 86 percent of Americans sit stationary at work and many find it difficult to include exercise into their daily routines,” said Arnav Dalmia, CEO and co-founder of Cubii. 
“The connectivity to Fitbit gives our users another way to attain their daily steps, all while sitting at their desks. We’re making it easier than ever for desk-ridden employees to monitor their workplace exercise and to reach their health and fitness goals.”

Cubii users have already cumulatively peddled enough to travel the world two times and have burned a total of 3.6 million calories in less than a year since the company began shipping its product to Kickstarter backers. Available through the company’s website, the machine can be purchased for $347, and also at a discounted rate in quantities of two and six-pack options.

To connect with Fitbit, users only need to download the Fitbit app; no Fitbit tracker is required. To learn more about Cubii, visit

About Cubii: 
Headquartered in Chicago, Cubii was founded in 2014 by three University of Chicago graduates. Cubii is the first under-desk elliptical that allows users to keep moving throughout the work day and is designed to be portable, quiet and ergonomic. The device is adjustable for all fitness levels and includes eight levels of resistance. Users can connect to the Cubii app to monitor distance, strides, time and calories; to share progress with friends; and to compete with groups to achieve fitness goals. To learn more about Cubii, visit